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The interpreter framework

Aug 6, 2018 Comments

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Before we start, I’d like to say a few words about the environment I’m gonna work with. This project is developed on MacOS. Also, I’m using CMake for the build system, and CLion as my IDE. Of course, this does not mean the source code cannot be ported to other platforms, I’m just saying that I’m not going to do it for you. ☺

The language is standard C11, and there are no external dependencies other than the C standard library.

With that said, you should be able to follow the blog working on Linux, BSD or even Windows as well, but be prepared to reconfigure CMake when needed.

The ASPL language - part 4

Jul 31, 2018 Comments

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This is the last part of the introduction of ASPL. Let’s see the remaining features we haven’t discussed yet: classes, inheritance and the standard library.